Information Required to Register a Manufactured Home
Manufactured homes are governed according to the Code of Alabama 1975, Title 40 Chapter 12, and Section 255.  Manufactured homes must be registered within 30 days of purchase or coming into the State of Alabama. In Coffee County,  Manufactured Homes are registered in the Revenue Commissioner’s Office. The following information is required to register a manufactured home:

 New Manufactured Home
              Bill of Sale showing Sales Tax Collected
              Alabama Certificate of Title Application

Used Manufactured Home from Dealer
              Bill of Sale showing Sales Tax Collected
              Alabama Certificate of Title Application (1990 and newer)

Manufactured Home Purchased from Individual
    Bill of Sale
    Certificate of Title signed by Seller & Purchaser
    Receipt of Sales Tax Paid from License Commission Office

Owner Relocating Manufactured Home
    Moving from out of state: Certificate of Title, Current Registration
    Moving from another AlabamaCounty:   Alabama Certificate of Title, Current Registration, Move Permit

Sales Tax on Manufactured Homes

In order for a Manufactured Home to be registered, purchaser must provide proof that Sales Tax has been collected and if applicable, Alabama Certificate of Title Application. As proof, the Revenue Office will accept:  Bill of Sale from Licensed Dealer showing Tax Collected or a receipt from the Probate Office showing Tax Collected.  The Probate Office also prepares applications for Alabama Certificate of Titles.  Contact the Probate Office should you have questions about Sales Tax or applying for a Certificate of Title on a Manufactured Home.  

Probate Office, Enterprise       334-347-2688
Probate Office, Elba                  334-897-2211

If  the Manufactured Home and land are titled in the same name, and will be occupied by owner as his/her home, the Manufactured Home will be assessed as real property and Homestead may apply.  An Ad Valorem decal will be issued when the property taxes are paid each year.   (October 1st thru December 31st)

If a Manufactured Home is placed on land not owned by the manufactured home owner, then it is registered in our Registration Program.  The decal for this type registration is renewed from October 1st thru November 30th each year.  Delinquent fees will apply December 1st.

A- Single Wide, Owner-Occupied -------------------------------------$24
B- Double Wide, Owner-Occupied------------------------------------$48
C- Single Wide, Commercial (Rental)----------------------------------$48
D- Double Wide or Larger, Commercial (Rental)--------------------$96

There is an additional $5 Issuance Fee for each decal issued.

Failure to register, renew or display decal will result in a citation with penalties.

Move Permit
Move Permits may be purchased from the Revenue Commission Office for $10.  You are required by law to present a permit before registering your Manufactured Home in another County.  Registration must be current for permit to be issued.

For more information about Manufactured Homes in Coffee County, please contact one of our offices.
Enterprise Office: 334-347-8734                         Elba Office: 334-897-2475